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We believe in us (women, menstruators, PMSers) and that we can do anything with information. For us understanding our body and how powerful it is, is non-negotiable, because we know first handed how misinformation can affect a woman's body and mind.

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We are here to help demystifying our period, our cycle, our PMS, our blood. We refuse to treat it as a taboo or to be ashamed of our bodies, but we take it with a pinch of salt and lots of laughs (after all they already think we are crazy anyway, right?)

We are proud to be women and to empower other women. Period.


Oh yeah, and we are proud of our period.

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We understand that we are not only a singular, we are multiple, we have cycles, phases, we are several, one inside the other, with many moments and feelings. We are here to help you understand your own voice, get to know yourself better inside and out, feel safe and empowered.

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We take responsibility. Not only for our bodies, but also for our planet. We aim to be as sustainable and fair as possible in our products and processes and we want to lead by example empowering fellow women, because we can only succeed when we all succeed together!

Information, passion, rebellion, kindness and humor are all non-negotiable.
The bloody revolution starts now!


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